Episodes With Andrew (car salesman)

  • Police Brutality, Reparations for Gays, Meeting Online, First Date Suggestions

    Drew from Long Island discusses how he was working undercover for the police when the operation went south. Drew alleges he was asked to pull down his pants and was beaten by the cops with a baton. Also, Elizabeth Warren proposes reparations for married gay couples. Who’s paying for all this? Stephen and Lee join the […]

  • TJCS – February 22, 2018

    After a week off, Joe comes back and shares some crazy new stories, Joe invites ‘Andrew the Car Salesman’ back on the show to talk about his sobriety, his best friend’s recent death from an overdose, and more!

  • TJCS – January 17, 2018

    Joe discusses the immigration issue in the US, Why the US should use the merit system and not a lottery system, Lil Wayne talks about how he’s never seen racism, Floyd Mayweather doesn’t think Trump is racist, Joe interviews Andrew from Long Island who talks about being two years clean from his past drug addiction, […]

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