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Aaron Bechtol (actor)

I started promoting myself on IG this past summer. I have one picture that was featured on American Fighter’s IG and another one Buckle is going to use. I had gotten out of a negative relationship and learned the power of positive thinking.

I am focusing on myself and getting myself out there. Starting out modeling and then try to break into acting. I sing for a creative release, but not focused on it right now.

You can follow Aaron on IG  – @therealaaronbechtol

Episodes With Aaron Bechtol (actor)

  • TJCS – March 7, 2019

    Is ‘White America’ trying to bring down Blacks by exposing R Kelly and Michael Jackson? Do you believe both are innocent of the allegations against them? Joe breaks down the CBS interview with R Kelly. Also, why do minorities gravitate towards the Left when it’s the Republican Party that ended slavery? All this and more!

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