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Aalok (podcaster)

Aalok is an entrepreneur based in NYC. Aalok’s entrepreneurial journey is a split between finance and creativity. In 2014, Aalok co-founded two companies, namely Uncia Productions LLC and Metro Finance Private Limited. Uncia Productions is focused on producing media such as films, podcasts, and documentaries.

Aalok’s films have collectively won over 25 awards worldwide so far. Metro Finance Private Limited focuses on providing micro-loans to low-income households with the intent to empower rural communities across India. Aalok studied Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Harvard University.

Listen to Aalok’s podcast – The Afflatus

Episodes With Aalok (podcaster)

  • TJCS – February 28, 2019

    Do you get really turned off when your partner farts in front of you? Does it make you not want to have sex with them? New guest Jessica from New Mexico explains how she met her husband on the internet playing ‘Call of Duty’ across the country. They now own the company The Knees Bees […]

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