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  • The Daily Show – 04-13-16

    Joe talks about: Guys being treated right by their girlfriend while driving (lol), Stephen Hawking’s new space project, Jenny discusses the minimum wage issue, Ted Cruz train gaining momentum on Trump, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-12-16

    Joe talks about: How he was in a full-blown depression on Sunday, How apartment hunting in Manhattan was a disaster, Ted Cruz may actually beat Donald Trump, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-08-16

    Joe talks about: Hillary Clinton wants to open up Area-51 and declassify UFO files, What type of soldier would you have been if you fought in the Vietnam War, Trump vowing to do more for blacks than what Obama has done, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-07-16

    Joe talks about: Not being able to go out on work/school nights anymore, Do you really think Donald Trump is a racist, Would you cross party lines and vote for who you think is “best qualified” to be the President, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-06-16

    Joe talks about: Do people who live in NYC have a different “mindset” than people who live in the suburbs, How motivational speeches on YouTube help with everyday life, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders win Wisconsin, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-05-16

    Do you trust Senator Ted Cruz to be President, Donald Trump is down, but is he out, Is Bernie Sanders too old to be President, Villanova wins NCCA title in a buzzer beater, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-04-16

    Joe embarrasses himself yet again over the weekend, Drone strikes: are you in favor of them, The Walking Dead (no spoilers), Do you think OJ Simpson is innocent or guilty after watching the show, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 04-01-16

    Joe talks about: April Fools Day edition, The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump – Trump’s views on abortion and nukes, Ronnie Miller gets put to the test, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-31-16

    Joe talks about: Riding the highs and lows of life, his top-3 gym songs right now, Facebook’s new “live” feature is going to be a game-changer, John Kasich = no good, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-30-16

    Joe talks about: Big date night tonight, After how many dates, is it ok to Do the Deed, Trump campaign manager charged with assault and battery, Jenny, Crazy Robert, & Racist James chime in, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-29-16

    Joe talks about: his session with his therapist about dating, EgyptAir flight gets hijacked over an estranged lover, Clinton vs. Bernie in NY, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-28-16

    Joe’s fantastic weekend, Robert DeNiro pulls anti-vaccine documentary fro Tribeca Film Festival, Bernie Sanders on a hot-streak, FanDuel and DraftKings leave NY, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-25-16

    The Black community and Rappers need to stop using the N-word, Cruz tells Trump: Leave my wife ‘the hell alone,’ Is Obama doing the Tango while families mourn in Brussels, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-24-16

    Trump and Cruz believe racial profiling of Muslims is ok; Clinton disagrees, Muslims speak out, Joe’s “gym fling” part II, What was ‘A Tribe Called Quest’s’ best song, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-23-16

    Ridin’ Dirty: have you ever done it, Donald Trump: waterboarding is ok after the Brussels attack and Joe agrees, Are you confident in Clinton or Sanders protecting America, Racist James starts his new job, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-22-16

    ‘Black Day for Belguim’: 30 dead in Brussels terror attacks, Is torture ever justified in this new world we live in, Trump means business: releases foreign policy advisors, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-21-16

    Joe’s “gym fling” goes sour (quick), DNA reveals humans had sex with Neanderthals, Top Republicans rally against Trump, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-18-16

    St. Patricks Day Hangover, Racism still rampant on social media, How well do you know your 3rd cousin, Seaworld makes a major announcement and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-16-16

    Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominate the Primaries, Marco Rubio drops out of the race, Jerry Seinfeld still making money, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-14-16

    Will Trump pay for legal fees of the man who punched protester, Rubio speaks out, Sanders calls Trump a liar, Clinton discuss how to beat Trump, The Walking Dead back in business, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-11-16

    Ron Miller comes on the show and talks about owning a gun down South, The Republican Debate, Ben Carson endorsing Trump, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-10-16

    Are you happy with your life – do you want to change it, The most interesting man retiring, Trump on why we should vote for him, Democratic Debate, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-09-16

    Best shows on TV right now (Vinyl and Billions), Snapchat changing my life, Trump and Bernie big winners last night, Jimmy Bopp update, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-07-16

    Snapchat has taken over Joe’s day-to-day operation, Asking girls out at the gym, North Korea’s nuclear threats, Possible new evidence for the O.J. case, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-02-16

    Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton DOMINATE Super Tuesday, Republican Party in a state of panic, Melania Trump speaks out, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 03-01-16

    Super Tuesday is here, Donald Trump running away in the polls, Sportscaster Erin Andrews testifies at stalker trial, Google self-driving car crashes, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 02-29-16

    Chris Rock’s performance at the Oscars, Leonardo DiCaprio is the Best of the Best, Donald Trump in hot water, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 02-26-16

    Republican Debate gets crazy last night, Donald Trump wants to make wall 10-feet taller, Waze app gets a new voice, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 02-25-16

    Flo Rida song ‘My House’ = BEST, Kris Jenner gets booed off the stage, Actor Terry Crews reveals his dirty secret, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 02-24-16

    Donald Trump wins Nevada and is taking the country by storm, Kesha battle with Producer Dr Luke, Big Pete comes back on the show and more!

  • The Daily Show – 02-23-16

    Joe talks about his trip to LA, The Walking Dead is NOT a great show, Racist James and his girl problems are on full tilt, Joe catches up with Crazy Robert and more.

  • The Daily Show – 02-17-16

    Viagra Law: Now men may have to ask spousal permission for Viagra script, El Chapo “feels like a zombie” in prison, Crazy Robert cameo, and more!

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