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  • TJCS #39 – Craig Bender

    Craig Bender is a 23-year-old entrepreneur who flat-out loves to work. He is an Insurance Broker at The Archdeacon Agency Inc, where he is crushing the sales game. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his personal weight-loss story is fantastic.

  • TJCS #38 – Crazy Robert

    Crazy Robert is back on the show for some drinks and smoke, bringing new material that will make you laugh hysterically. Especially his new alter ego – Ed Carvelli.

  • TJCS #36 – Frank Destefano

    Frank Destefano is the author of The Dark Legend Of The Foreigner Series. He grew up on Long Island and spent his early years watching action films, especially science fiction.

  • TJCS #35 – Terry King

    Terry King is a member of The Drifters and The Temptations. His story takes us back to the 50s and 60s when music soothed the soul of anyone listening.

  • TJCS #34 – Elise Margolin

    Elise Margolin joins the show and brings it raw. She talks about anything and everything from smoking bud to what it’s like meeting people on the dating apps, why girls hate D*CK pics, and so much more!

  • TJCS #33 – Nikki Pags

    The beautiful Nikki Pags joins the show to discuss relationships, heartache, workout routines, favorite TV shows, and much more. Nikki was one of the original guests on TJCS, and she never disappoints.

  • TJCS #32 – Mink Johnson

    Mink Johnson gives it raw and uncut, from when he was shot five times in a home invasion to serving five years for firing a gun that ricocheted into a home, killing someone. His life has its ups and downs, but the comeback story is fascinating.

  • TJCS #31 – David Kaufman

    David Kaufman joins the show to talk about anything and everything from The Godfather to The Shining. Did humans live on Earth 2.5 billion years ago? Was the Holocaust the worst tragedy humankind has ever known, and if he believes Jesus had (God-like) powers. All this and more!

  • UFOs – Who’s Flying Them?

    Do you want to know who’s flying these UFOs the U.S. Navy pilots encounter?

  • TJCS #30 – Bryan Karp

    Bryan Karp is a machine. He built his real estate empire from scratch and is now the highest-rated realtor on Long Island, where he sold over 265 homes in 2021. His story is truly inspiring, and his motivation is contagious.

  • TJCS #29 – Dr. Jerome Huyler

    Jerome Huyler is as good as it gets. He’s hilarious, profound, and, most importantly, loves America. Jerome is a former professor at Seton Hall University and the author of two excellent books, Locke In America and Everything You Have: The Case Against Welfare.

  • Crazy Robert Gets a Haircut

    Crazy Robert has been roaming the streets for over three months without supervision. Unfortunately, his mother, Jean, has been hospitalized. So Joe and Red thought it was time for an in-person visit. And boy, were they shocked to see what he’s been doing.

  • TJCS #28 – Robert Cornicelli

    Robert Cornicelli is a retired Army Captain and Navy Veteran Running for Congress in New York. He currently has endorsements from Mayor Rudy Giuliani and General Michael Flynn. He is a true patriot and believes in America First!

  • Daily Show – Times Are Changing

    Graduation Weekend at the University of Alabama; The Dems double down on abortion; How far will Biden go versus Russia; TV Series reviews; all this and more!

  • Motivation – Change Your Life Today

    Your life is where it is because of the percentages you are giving it. Are you giving life everything you got? You’re either committed to being mediocre or committed to greatness. It’s up to you.

  • Motivation – Never Settle For Less

    Today’s Topics: It’s time to realize you won’t live forever; Your standards will define your life; What is the main reason people don’t achieve success? All this and more!

  • TJCS #27 – Christian Migliore

    Christian Migliore is the author of the book ‘The Hungry Young Man.’ It contains 48 lessons on becoming a ‘Man’s Man,’ something our new generation lacks. The lessons range from confidence, finances, fitness, and communication. Christian believes it will help Men, young and old, become more reliable, accountable, and responsible. The book is not just […]

  • TJCS #26 – Barbara Abboud

    Barbara Abboud doesn’t consider herself a Democrat or Republican; instead, she’s an American Patriot. A mother of two, Barbara didn’t like what was happening to her children in public schools during the pandemic, so she took matters into her own hands and created the NY chapter for Moms For Liberty. And the rest is history.

  • TJCS #25 – Alan Jacoby

    Alan joins the show for a second time to discuss the Ukraine-Russia conflict, The New World Order, China’s influence on the rest of the world, and more!

  • TJCS #24 – Carmine Cangialosi

    Carmine Cangialosi is an actor/director from Oakdale, Long Island. He has a fantastic blue-collar story, from working at his father’s business to American Dresser, a film he wrote and directed alongside Oscar nominee Tom Berenger and Emmy Award winner Keith David.

  • TJCS #23 – Gianna Weber

    Gianna risked her life in the ICU unit at Stony Brook Hospital during the height of the pandemic. Instead of being rewarded, the hospital fired her for not taking the vaccine. Gianna’s stories about what took place at Stony Brook are riveting.

  • TJCS #22 – Jonathan Kavner

    Jonathan practices homeopathy and believes that the body has all the tools to heal itself. In his opinion, regular medicine like antibiotics only conceals the underlying condition and doesn’t heal the illness but instead masks the symptoms.

  • TJCS #21 – Anthony DiPaolo

    Anthony is an author from Long Island, NY. However, his journey is fascinating. From owning a music store out of high school to becoming an attorney, Anthony finally found his passion in writing after creating his first novel, The Dragon Storm.

  • TJCS #20 – Mike Rakebrandt

    Mike is a former Navy submarine officer and currently a detective for the NYPD. However, he’s is tired of seeing members of the GOP do nothing as America crumbles, so he’s taking matters into his own hands and is running for Congress as a Conservative.

  • TJCS #19 – Thomas Dowling

    Thomas is a registered nurse and one of the Frontline Workers during the Covid outbreak at Stony Brook Hospital. He explains how hospitals inflate case numbers and deaths for financial gain. And why he feels the vaccine mandates are a slap in the face to our unsung heroes during the pandemic.

  • TJCS #18 – Andrew Tessler

    In 2012, Andrew was 22 years old and was living a dream life. He was making 10k per month selling cars, and he had the finest suits, beautiful women, and trips to Vegas with top bottle service. But then he hurt his back at the gym and was introduced to Percocets. And that’s when everything […]

  • TJCS #17 – Anthony Fioranelli

    Anthony Fioranelli believes there is a New World Order and that an authoritarian, socialist “one-world” conspiracy has already taken over most of the planet, including the United States.

  • TJCS #15 – Joe Cruzado

    Joe Cruzado is a ‘badass’ Patriot who served five years in the United States Marine Corps. He has fascinating stories about the rigors of basic training, the mental toughness one achieves as a Marine, and his deployment to Kuwait after 9/11. Joe also served in the NYPD in the Anti-Crime Unit and the Joint Firearms […]

  • TJCS #15 – Kevin Donaldson

    Kevin Donaldson is a former Jersey cop who faced death multiple times. One by the hands of an assailant, and the other by his own. Kevin had a great life until he received a domestic 911 call that changed everything. His story has laughter and sorrow, along with angels and demons. Through it all, Kevin […]

  • TJCS #14 – Charlie Cifarelli

    Charlie Cifarelli grew up on the streets of New York, where drugs and crime took over his life. It wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that he decided to move to Nebraska and become a corrections officer on death row. Even though Charlie moved, the evilness that lurked inside followed him. That all changed when […]

  • TJCS #13 – Tim Powers

    Tim Powers is the author of the incredible book ‘Chronicles in History: Windows into the Future.’ Tim gives his insight into our country’s dire situation with Democrats bowing down to Communist China. Also, Tim shares his take on the Deep State and how they run the entire country behind the scenes. Tim is also a […]

  • TJCS #12 – Nicholas Giordano

    Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science and is a frequent guest on the Tucker Carlson Show. In this episode, we dive deep into the dangers of Critical Race Theory as the Professor expects the complete indoctrination of our children. He also dismisses the notion that the political parties switched sides throughout the years […]

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