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  • TJCS #20 – Mike Rakebrandt

    Mike is a former Navy submarine officer and currently a detective for the NYPD. However, he’s is tired of seeing members of the GOP do nothing as America crumbles, so he’s taking matters into his own hands and is running for Congress as a Conservative.

  • TJCS #19 – Thomas Dowling

    Thomas is a registered nurse and one of the Frontline Workers during the Covid outbreak at Stony Brook Hospital. He explains how hospitals inflate case numbers and deaths for financial gain. And why he feels the vaccine mandates are a slap in the face to our unsung heroes during the pandemic.

  • TJCS #18 – Andrew Tessler

    In 2012, Andrew was 22 years old and was living a dream life. He was making 10k per month selling cars, and he had the finest suits, beautiful women, and trips to Vegas with top bottle service. But then he hurt his back at the gym and was introduced to Percocets. And that’s when everything […]

  • TJCS #17 – Anthony Fioranelli

    Anthony Fioranelli believes there is a New World Order and that an authoritarian, socialist “one-world” conspiracy has already taken over most of the planet, including the United States.

  • TJCS #15 – Joe Cruzado

    Joe Cruzado is a ‘badass’ Patriot who served five years in the United States Marine Corps. He has fascinating stories about the rigors of basic training, the mental toughness one achieves as a Marine, and his deployment to Kuwait after 9/11. Joe also served in the NYPD in the Anti-Crime Unit and the Joint Firearms […]

  • TJCS #15 – Kevin Donaldson

    Kevin Donaldson is a former Jersey cop who faced death multiple times. One by the hands of an assailant, and the other by his own. Kevin had a great life until he received a domestic 911 call that changed everything. His story has laughter and sorrow, along with angels and demons. Through it all, Kevin […]

  • TJCS #14 – Charlie Cifarelli

    Charlie Cifarelli grew up on the streets of New York, where drugs and crime took over his life. It wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that he decided to move to Nebraska and become a corrections officer on death row. Even though Charlie moved, the evilness that lurked inside followed him. That all changed when […]

  • TJCS #13 – Tim Powers

    Tim Powers is the author of the incredible book ‘Chronicles in History: Windows into the Future.’ Tim gives his insight into our country’s dire situation with Democrats bowing down to Communist China. Also, Tim shares his take on the Deep State and how they run the entire country behind the scenes. Tim is also a […]

  • TJCS #12 – Nicholas Giordano

    Nicholas Giordano is a Professor of Political Science and is a frequent guest on the Tucker Carlson Show. In this episode, we dive deep into the dangers of Critical Race Theory as the Professor expects the complete indoctrination of our children. He also dismisses the notion that the political parties switched sides throughout the years […]

  • TJCS #11 – Michael Loftus

    Michael Loftus is a brilliant standup comedian, writer, and commentator on Fox News. Michael discusses his views on today’s Political Climate, Hollywood, the Wuhan Lab, Woke America, and much more!

  • TJCS # 10 – Shawn Farash (Long Island Loud Majority)

    Shawn Farash is a force to be reckoned with, an American Patriot and creator of the Long Island Loud Majority. His events cultivated a conservative movement that brought America First back to New York.

  • TJCS #9 – Alan Jacoby

    Alan Jacoby, host of the conservative podcast, ‘The Great Divide,’ joins the show to discuss his thoughts on today’s political climate, Black Lives Matter, and the destruction of America by the Democrats.

  • TJCS #8 – Frankie Floridia

    Frankie Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue has a heart of gold. He’s been saving animal’s lives for over a decade, not for profit, but for a chance to see them live another day.

  • TJCS #6 – Marie Zere

    Marie Zere is a real estate tycoon. She is the first female CEO to own a commercial real estate firm in NY. She is also an American Patriot who loves her country but believes we are heading towards another Civil War caused by China, the Nation of Islam, and the US Media.

  • TJCS #5 – Brendon Green

    Brendon Green is one of the most controversial guests on TJCS. A Free Mason, Record Label Owner, Executive Producer, and Entrepreneur, Brendon epitomizes the American Dream. Sprinkle in some conspiracy theories, and Brendon makes the perfect guest.

  • TJCS #4 – Pete Ciancerelli

    Pete is the kind of guest who doesn’t give a f*ck about what anyone thinks. He tells it as he sees it. Period. Pete is controversial, edgy, and without a doubt hilarious. In this episode, Joe and Pete discuss the direction of the country after the 2020 election, the coronavirus and its origins, aliens and […]

  • TJCS #3 – Eddro

    Eddro is one of the coolest guys to be on TJCS. He’s a colossal Conspiracy Theorist, believes China is responsible for releasing the virus upon the world, an avid Trump Supporter, and unfortunately, a devoted Knicks, Jets, and Mets fan.

  • TJCS #2 – Crazy Robert

    Joe and Crazy Robert have been friends since the 80s. CR has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis and will change moods at a moment’s notice. Today he was in rare form and as grouchy as ever. And he insists he’s going down to Mayfair, wherever that may be, is anyone’s guess!

  • Ronnie Gunz: Anxiety on Full Tilt

    I finally get Ronnie Gunz to come to the studio for his first interview. Ronnie is hilarious and talks about doing coke in his younger years and how he would use it to level off his drinking. RG also talks about the first time he had sex with a black girl and how things went down […]

  • Crazy Robert – Bill Cosby Skit

    Crazy Robert, aka Dr. DiFilipo, examines his new patient, the infamous Bill Cosby!

  • The Dowd File: A Story of Greed, Chaos and Betrayal

    Joe digs deep into the chaotic mind of former NYC cop Michael Dowd from the 75th Precinct. Dowd headed a ruthless criminal network by protecting drug lords and setting up a cocaine ring on Long Island labeling him the dirtiest cop in NYC history.

  • Strictly Business: The Erick Sermon Interview

    Joe’s new guest is Hip-Hop legend ERICK SERMON of EPMD. Erick talks about his life growing up in Brentwood, Long Island, How he was introduced to hip-hop, Teaming up with Parrish Smith and shopping their demo CD to record labels in Manhattan, Touring with RUN DMC, his solo career, and who he thinks the best […]

  • Daily Show #2 – Crazy Robert – 01-15-15

    Joe brings back Pete and invites Crazy Robert to the show.

  • Daily Show #1 – Pete’s Drug Habits – 01-06-15

    Joe interviews Pete, who talks about his dark past.

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