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  • What Life Is Like This Memorial Day Weekend

    Today’s episode is about everyday life.

    Today’s episode is about everyday life.

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    Episodes From May 2020

    • A Country Burning

      The death of George Flloyd has started the race discussion once again in America. Today’s show dissects where the real problem comes from and who’s to blame.  

    • Free Your Mind, Get To Work, And Don’t Give In To Resistance

      How many times did you promise yourself that you would do something, and instead, do something else? How many great ideas have you come up with, but because you are lazy, someone else acted on it before you?  

    • What Life Is Like This Memorial Day Weekend

      Today’s episode is about everyday life.

    • Baseball Owners Need A Better Strategy

      Baseball owners are trying to save their season and have proposed a package to its players. However, players are not eager to sign a deal where the risks outweigh the reward. Also, Biden is in talks with Gretchen Whitmer as his VP running-mate. However, Black Democrats are not going to be happy about it.

    • America’s Grand Re-Opening

      With the virus in the rearview mirror, Americans are itching to get back to work. The summer is around the corner and a sense of normalcy comes with it.

    • Obama’s Pristine Image Taking Major Hit

      Deep state operatives entrapped several top Trump officials, falsified evidence, and spied on the campaign to remove Trump from office. And the one person to blame is former president, Barack Obama.

    • Making and Keeping Your Commitments

      Success comes from keeping your promises to yourself and others. Your ability to honor your word impacts your credibility, trust, worthiness, and most importantly, your peace of mind.

    • Trump Must Hold China Accountable

      President Trump has gone back and forth with his handling of China amid the coronavirus. However, if he wants to get re-elected, he must start putting maximum pressure on their government and start a thorough investigation into the virus’s origins.

    • Joe Biden Is Cooked

      Joe Biden is that lonely burger left on the BBQ that’s been sitting there for hours. Today, Biden denied the sexual assault allegations made by Tara Reade. However, he won’t consent to a record search at the University of Deleware regarding the alleged incident. Also, are you ready to wear a mask at the bar […]

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