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  • Are We Being Told The Truth About Covid-19?

    It isn’t easy to trust the mainstream media and our politicians during these difficult times. So we take a deep dive into some proven facts about Covid and see how much truth we can find.

  • Democrats Turn Their Back On Healthcare Workers

    Healthcare workers risked their lives to save Americans during the pandemic. And now Democrats are treating them like second-class citizens. It’s a disgrace.

  • It’s Always About Money

    Why doesn’t the Biden administration or Dr. Fauci talk about natural immunity? Because the money is in the vaccine. Everything in politics is about money, and money brings power.

  • Open Borders And Covid Lies

    Biden says he will allow the country to get back to normal when 97-98% of Americans are vaccinated. Yet, he’s allowing migrants to enter the U.S. without being checked for Covid or mandating they be vaccinated.

  • Election Integrity At Its Worst

    The Arizona Audit found over 17,000 duplicate votes. Still, the Democrats and the Left-Wing Media will use their propaganda to deflect from the widespread fraud that took place, including the censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

  • Democrats Want To Destroy The Middle-Class

    The Democrats are masters at manufacturing a crisis. Their goal is to bring as many migrants into the country and keep them on welfare. Then destroy the middle-class and have complete control of the poor.

  • Can America Survive Three More Years Of Biden?

    America is in shambles thanks to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. In just a short time, Biden has opened the Southern Border. He has ruined the Afghanistan withdrawal and severed ties with our oldest allies.

  • Biden‘s Presidency Is A Disaster

    Joe Biden has zero credibility with the American public. He has allowed a massive amount illegal migrants to cross the border during a pandemic, and Afghanistan has been a failure. Also, why didn’t the FBI issue a 24/7 surveillance on Brian Laundrie?

  • The Pandemic Is About Money And Power

    The Pandemic Is About Money And Power Biden wants the pandemic to continue. That’s why he keeps the Southern Border wide-open. He and the Democrats get to retain power over Americans and change the nation as they see fit.

  • Social Media Has Changed Everything

    Are you on social media a lot? When was the last time you checked Twitter, Facebook, or TikTok? Last night? Driving in your car? Five minutes ago? It’s changed everyone’s lives, maybe for the worse.

  • Secession Is Inevitable

    No matter how you slice it, the Democrats and Republicans will never see eye-to-eye. The differences are too extreme. One party wants to change America and its core values, and the other party wants to keep it.

  • Are Covid Hospitalization Numbers Misleading?

    The Atlantic exposes hospitals and the U.S. Government for misleading the public on hospitalizations for COVID. Also, Senators have at it with Anthony Blinkin, but it’s all political theater, and Republicans will do nothing.

  • Covid Is A Cash Cow

    Covid is not going away because of the amount of money it generates. Hospitals are getting rich, the Big Pharma cash register keeps ringing, and of course, conglomerates like Amazon are making a fortune.

  • The American Dream Turned Nightmare

    Joe Biden and the federal government has gone rogue. The administration is making decisions that are infringing on our rights as American citizens. And this is just the beginning.

  • The Hypocrisy Of The Democratic Party

    It’s time Americans stand up and fight back the Biden Administration’s tyranny. Back in December, Biden said he would oppose vaccine mandates. Today, he is issuing them across America. It’s a power grab and nothing more.

  • Biden Is Ready To Mandate America

    As Biden’s poll numbers plummet, he will announce his new Covid mandates tomorrow to distract America from his disastrous presidency.

  • Our Time On Planet Earth Is Hijacked

    Not too long ago, life on planet Earth was grand. And then, in a blink of an eye, our lives have been turned upside down because of the pandemic. Is the United States to blame? Is it China? Or both?

  • Marxists Continue To Target Our Children

    Once again, we are seeing progressive teachers using propaganda to indoctrinate our children. If we continue to allow this to happen, history will blame us as the generation that destroyed America.

  • The Biden Plan: Blame Covid

    The August Jobs Report fell flat on its face because Biden and Liberal Governors continue to pay people to stay home. Instead of recognizing the problem, Biden blames Covid and the unvaccinated. My Pillow Promo Code: TJCS

  • My Body My Choice: Such An Interesting Statement

    Texas Lawmakers found a loophole to prevent women from getting an abortion. Pro-abortion advocates are screaming from the rooftops, ‘My Body My Choice.’ What other group could say the same thing?

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