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  • The Internet Has Ruined The World

    The internet is one of the best inventions of all-time. However, it is the most significant cause for concern regarding the human race as we know it.

  • Christmas With Covid

    What not to when trading in the stock market, Christmas with Covid, Joe Biden and the media’s ties to China, and how effective is the Covid vaccine?

  • Joe the Box is the creator of ‘The America First Warehouse’ and CEO of Corporate Transfer on Long Island. Joe defines the American Dream. He’s someone who had life handed to him on a silver platter, lost it all and hit rock-bottom, then built an empire from the ground up through hard work and a […]

  • The Country Is Changing Right Before Our Eyes

    Democrats are winning the war to change America with the help of Big-Tech, The Media, and China.

  • Does SCOTUS Have The Valor To Save America?

    The US Supreme Court has a chance to save America. However, deep down inside, the justices know if they do, complete mayhem will follow. Also, why didn’t William Barr arrest Hunter Biden months ago? Additionally, governors across the country must end the lockdowns so Americans can get back to work.

  • The Biggest Scandal In American History

    The Democrats, Big-Tech, and The Left-Wing Media have conspired to create the most prominent scandal this country has ever witnessed. Also, Candace Owens is right; America needs more strong men. And lastly, The Holy War On Pornhub.

  • Don’t Mess With Texas – Trump’s Shot At Re-Election

    Seventeen states have now joined Texas in their bid to reverse Biden’s fraudulent victory, paving the way to Trump’s second term. China, not Russia, is the biggest threat to our democracy; however, no one on the Left will stand up to them. The answer to that question is simple. Money.

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