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  • House Democrats: Progressively Perpetrating a Fraud

    Federal documents reveal that the whistleblower is a registered Democrat, previously worked with former Vice President Joe Biden, and former CIA Director John Brennan. Ladies and Gents, this is an old fashion setup and President Trump will expose them for what they are – CROOKS! Also, Chris Morgan aka Bagel Boss Guy joins the show […]

  • Michelle Obama: Relax, White People Love You

    Former first lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday that white Americans are “still running” from minority communities when they move to another neighborhood. Really? Doesn’t Obama currently live in a predominantly white neighborhood in D.C.? All this and more!  

  • Bottom Line: The Democrats Hate Trump More Than They Love America

    Democrats hit a new low by bashing President Trump after he orchestrated the death of Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. No matter what Trump does, their hate for him is ruining the democratic party and any hopes of taking the White House in 2020.

  • The Comeback Kids: The Case for White Males in America

    There have been many changes over the years, however, one of the most prominent has been the distaste for white males in America. That’s about to change.  

  • Get Your Mind Right: Motivation to Get Back on Track

    Great things will happen when your mind is clear from distractions. Each one of us controls our thoughts. Keep fighting for what you want and have faith that it will all work out. We have one life, don’t waste it on negative thoughts. Keep staying positive and watch how life will change right before your […]

  • CNN & MSNBC: Take Down Donald Trump At All Costs

    Watch any 10 minutes of CNN, and now you’ll see a barrage of nonstop, vicious attacks against President Trump. Switch over to MSNBC and it gets worse. Correspondents on MSNBC bash Trump every chance they get. However, Republicans need to come together and expose these networks for what they are – a left-wing propaganda machine.

  • Republicans: Time to Unite the Party and Defend Trump

    The Democrats are coming together and trying to destroy Trump’s presidency and a the same time take down the Republican party. It’s time for Republicans to come together and stand by the President. All this and more!

  • What are the Benefits of Being Single?

    Today we have fun with Crazy Robert but get disturbing news from Wilson the Medical Marijuana guy. Also, what are the benefits of being single? All this and more!

  • Dear Democrats: Donald Trump is Our President. Get Over It.

    Donald Trump was elected the 45th president of the United States. However, from day one of his presidency, the Democrats have refused to show him an ounce of respect. And in turn, Democrats have disrespected every American citizen who voted him into office. All this and more on today’s show!

  • LeBron James: The Power of Greed

    LeBron James is arguably the best player in the NBA. His skill set is unmatched on the court. However, there is something else that he excels in and that’s being a money-hungry hypocrite. LeBron backed Colin Kaepernick, however, when GM Daryl Morey needed the same treatment, greed took over and LeBron chose money over basic human […]

  • Evolution of Humans Explained, Research Suggests Facebook May Cause Depression, CNN Exposed for Bias Coverage on Trump

    Did you know more than one human species lived on Earth at the same time? About 10,000 years ago, the world was home to several human species. Also, studies show spending too much time on “social media” sites like Facebook is making people more than just miserable. It may also be making them depressed. Also, […]

  • The Life and Times of Crazy Robert

    Crazy Robert joins the show and talks about whatever comes to his mind, literally!

  • Black Theater is Thriving in America While White Theater is Dying a Quick Death

    Thanks to Tyler Perry, ‘Black Theater’ is booming. And let’s be honest, that’s a beautiful thing. However, would Blacks in America allow a movement in ‘White Theater’ without labeling it racist? I address this issue and more on today’s show!

  • Rematch: Clinton vs. Trump (it’s happening)

    Over the past few weeks, Hillary Clinton has hinted at a possible comeback for the 2020 election. Furthermore, Clinton will be hosting a fundraiser at her D.C. mansion next week for $50,000 per ticket. And today she appeared on PBS News Hour and said, “Obviously, I can beat him again.”

  • Ellen is Right, Be Kind to Everyone – Including Donald Trump

    Ellen DeGeneres is an all-time great comedian, no question. But she’s more than that, she’s also a great human being. She was on point the other day when she discussed being friends with the former president, George Bush. She said “When I say, ‘Be kind to one another,’ I don’t mean only the people that […]

  • The Left-Wing Media Agenda From Day 1: Remove This Democratically Elected President By Any Means Necessary

    Since January 20, 2017, the media has been filling their newspapers with hatred and their nightly shows with fake news. Not once has the left-wing media given this democratically elected president a chance and it is dividing this country to the brink of another Civil War. All this and more!

  • Joe Biden: The Inevitable Fall From Grace

    Former Vice President Joe Biden is cooked like the last hot dog sitting towards the back of the BBQ. Also – How much has the internet changed since the year 2000? Did you know all of your conversations on social media are being examined and sold to big companies? What posts you like, where you […]

  • President Trump: Taking Down Democrats One Crook at a Time

    From day one, Democrats have been trying to get rid of President Trump. They accused him of colluding with Russia, rigging the 2016 election, and now asking for personal favors with Ukraine. However, as time goes by, we find out it’s all a hoax. And now President Trump is taking off the gloves and giving […]

  • Wake Up America: Eating Healthy Starts Your Path to Happiness

    So many of us have dreams and aspirations of changing our lives and starting over. However, without a healthy body, without a healthy game plan, how far will you be able to go and achieve those dreams? All this and more!

  • The ‘Hate Trump’ Agenda Will Cost Democrats and Expose Political Corruption

    President Trump wants to investigate the corrupt system that has led to the 2016 Russian Hoax. Isn’t that what all Americans want? Answers to why such a hoax even existed? However, Democrats want nothing to do with it because it will expose them and ‘drain the swamp’ as Trump promised. All this and more on […]

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