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  • Joe Biden is Sautéed, Jerry Jones Not Expecting Zeke for Week 1, Hurricane Dorian on its Way

    Former VP Joe Biden’s latest gaffe involves a war hero. The Dallas Cowboys are not expecting RB Zeke Elliot to return for Week1. Also, President Trump cancels his trip to Poland. All this and more!

  • New Study: There’s No Gay Gene and People’s Environment is a Factor

    According to the Wall Street Journal, there’s no ‘gay gene,’ and researchers say, human traits are influenced by an array of genetic and environmental factors. If that’s true, then should the internet be controlled in some way to prevent children from being influenced without parents consent? All this and more!

  • Rapper Tsunamii 244: Jesus Told Me to Rap

    Rapper Tsunamii 244 joins the show to promote his new album. He explains that he had an ‘outer body experience’ and was told by Jesus to start rapping so he could help change peoples lives! All this and more!

  • Taylor Swift is a Genius, How to Keep a Relationship Nice and Fresh, How to Deal with Heartbreak

    Taylor Swift is at the top of her game and is outsmarting everyone. Also, Joe discusses ways to prevent your relationship from going stale. New guest Henry from Syracuse discusses being heartbroken from a hot young girl he was dating but was addicted to the wrong things. All this and more!

  • Gender Reveal Gone Bad

    Robbie Fresh joins today’s show and I explain to him what happened at my first ‘gender-reveal’ party. New guest DeVante Lewis tells us how Black Americans reclaimed the N-Word and how they will never give it up. Also, how long will the NFL be able to last after all the life-threating injuries that take place? […]

  • The Linda Verner Story: Love at First Sight

    Linda Verna is an international model living in NYC at 19. She met her husband in Russia and married him that same day. She’s appeared in Russia’s Playboy magazine and was runner up for Ms. Europe. All this and more!

  • Trump’s Legacy Depends on Second Term Victory, Is the New XFL Here to Stay, Top Songs Right Now

    For President Trump to secure his legacy, he must win a second term. If not, he will never be able to recover. The XFL is getting ready for their first season in February. Do they have a chance to succeed where others have failed? Also, what are the iTunes top-5 songs right? All this and […]

  • Do Most People ‘Pee’ in Public Pools, US Planning Trips to the Moon, Can the Dems Beat Trump in 2020

    Are you still swimming in public pools? If so, you should rethink doing that. Not everyone wipes their ass good. The Democrats want Trump out bad and the Left-Wing Media will do whatever it takes for that to happen. VP Mike Pence has said the US will start traveling to the moon and will have […]

  • Why isn’t Obama endorsing VP Joe Biden, Can the US beat China in an all out War

    Obama’s ‘right hand’ man, was thought to be Vice President, Joe Biden. If that’s so, why isn’t Obama endorsing him? A new report shows that the US military is in an “unprecedented crisis” and could struggle to defend its allies against China. All this and more!

  • The New York Times is a Propaganda Machine, Monday Motivation, Raiders Regret Signing Antonio Brown

    The New York Times used to be the most prestigious paper in the world. However, it’s now turned into a propaganda machine aimed at labeling Trump a racist. Star wideout Antonio Brown is causing the Raiders to regret taking him and his big salary in 2019.  Fox News made Trump, however, Trump is not happy […]

  • Jay-Z Cashes in on the NFL’s Mistake, Our Right to Bear Arms is a MUST, The Sober Junkie Interview

    Rapper Jay-Z is using the NFL for its money in hopes of creating social justice. How does the NFL justify this when Jay-Z raps about gun violence, drug dealing, and every other black male stereotype that exists today? Also, the Left wants to eliminate your 2nd Amendment Rights. Once you give it up, you cannot […]

  • The Squad is Helping Trump Win, Stephen Colbert Ridicules Trump, Israel Fights Back

    The Squad is as Left as it gets. Could their ridiculous views actually help voters sway to Donald Trump? Stephen Colbert sat down with Anderson Cooper like yenta’s and said Trump is committing heresy. He couldn’t be more wrong. All this and more!

  • Mike Tyson Puffs 40k per Month, CNN’s Don Lemon Accused of Assault, A$AP Rocky Convicted

    Former heavyweight champ Mike Tyson admits to smoking 40k worth of pot a month. CNN’s host Don Lemon is accused of grabbing his genitalia and then rubbing his fingers on a person mustache. A$AP Rocky gets is found guilty of assault by a Swedish court.

  • Chris Cuomo is a Phony, but his Video is Great, Why Forgiveness is so Important in Relationships, The Left is on the Wrong Side of History

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo gets called ‘Fredo’ and compares it to “the n-word” for Italian-Americans. Good for him, however, he’s a bum because he never stands up for White Americans. If someone does you wrong, do you forgive or hold a grudge? Forgiveness is key to a successful relationship. Southerners were on the wrong side of history […]

  • Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracy Theories, Antonio Brown Threatens to Retire, New Guest Predicts the Future

    Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide, but did he have help? New guest Chet W. Sisk is a Futurist, that is, his job is to tell people what’s going to happen over the next 3-5 years. His boldest prediction is we that have already been in contact with Aliens and provides his theory why. Pro Bowl WR […]

  • Whites vs. Whites: A Country at War

    The real war brewing in America is – White Liberals vs. White Conservatives. White liberals are stirring the pot and using Blacks and Latinos as the ingredients. If you are white and don’t agree with the Left, you are a racist. Plain and simple. I disagree and I explain why in detail on today’s show!

  • The Tale of Two Tattoo Artists

    Chris Burke and Justin Klein from Saigon Tattoo join today’s show. Both explain their personal journey into the business of tattoo artistry. Both stories are unique, filled with all-nighters living in Manhattan to opening up their dream shop on Long Island! All this and more on today’s episode!

  • Nikki Pags: Staying Positive and Always Moving Forward

    Nikki Pags is a staple on TJCS and comes on to discuss her new methods of dealing with stress and staying positive every day. New guest Vox (the voice of the people) joins the show and explains why schools need to teach our youth about the truth of American History and how Black Kings once ruled the […]

  • The Racist Squad Supports Antifa

    The Democrats should be ashamed on taking advantage of the El Paso shooting just for political gain. The Left-Wing Media failed to report how the shooter in Dayton, OH supports Antifa and the Democrats. Democrats say Trump is responsible for El Paso, does this mean the democrats are responsible for Dayton? All this and more […]

  • Mass Shootings, Democrats Blame Trump, White Americans Need to Wake Up

    In less than 13 hours and nearly 1,600 miles apart, two mass shootings this weekend left at least 29 dead and 53 injured. Democrats are using the shootings for political gain by vilifying Trump as the person responsible. White Americans face a new challenge and that is trying to distance themselves from being called ‘White […]

  • Democrats Attack Obama’s Legacy, NYPD Bash Mayor de Blasio, No Stopping the Trump Train

    Democrats have a new strategy: Bash Obama while becoming more radical than ever. Mayor de Blasio is not only losing his bid to become the next President, but he’s also losing all his support back home. Now that the Russian Hoax is over, President Trump is showing what it looks like to be one of […]

  • Brain Implants Connected to Your Smartphone, Trump Accused of Healthcare Racism

    Elon Musk wants to insert Bluetooth-enabled implants into your brain. Senator Elizabeth Warren accuses President Trump of healthcare racism. Racism in America – will it ever end? All this and more on today’s show!

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