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  • Democrats Agenda: White Americans are Racist

    Democrats have reached new lows in trying to win back the White House. From Al Sharpton to Ilan Omar, from CNN to MSNBC, if you are a white Republican, you are a racist. If you vote for Trump, you’re a racist. If you want border security, you’re a racist. Today’s episode exposes the Left for using […]

  • Fantasy Football Review – 2019

    Billy and Mike from ‘Fantasy Football Degenerates’ join the show to talk Fantasy Football. We discuss the top QBs, RBs, WRs, and TE’s to draft for this season as well as this year’s fantasy sleepers at every position!

  • The Hypocrisy of Trump, Dems Desperate for Impeachment, Trump Not a Racist

    President Trump calls out Rep. Elijah Cummings saying his district a ‘rodent-infested mess.’ Trump is not a racist, however, he is definitely a hypocrite. Also, Democrats still pushing for impeachment. This will be the reason they fail in 2020. All this and more on today’s episode!

  • Elise Margolin: A Tale of Hitting Rockbottom to Loving Life

    Elise started her career as an 8th-grade school teacher in Bushwick, Brooklyn. She tells us about the wild times living in Manhattan and staying out till 4 am, to then hitting rock-bottom and being in the darkest place of her life. And then one day she decided to make a life change. She quit being […]

  • Total Vindication for Trump, 2020 Election is a Lock for Trump Thanks to the Dems, Federal Death Penalty is Back

    The Democrats rolled the dice and came up empty. Now President Trump will cruise into 2020 and he has Robert Mueller to thank. The federal government will start carrying out death sentences for the first time in nearly two decades, ordering officials to schedule executions for five inmates. All this and more on today’s episode!

  • Democrats: No One is Above the Law (unless you are an illegal immigrant)

    Democrats continuously remind the American people that no one is ABOVE THE LAW, except…, Mueller’s hearing has been a disaster for Democrats. Rep. Ilan Omar talks the talk unless you ask her about Perjury, Tax Fraud, or Illegally marrying her brother. All this and more on today’s episode!  

  • Another Hate Crime Hoax on Whites, The New York Times Exposed, Black Teenagers Disrespect the NYPD

    Lawmaker Erica Thomas accuses a man of being a racist because she’s black and he’s white. Her story changes once she finds out the white man is Cuban and a Democrat. The New York Times is supposed to be the most prestigious paper in the world. However, even they cannot help themselves cover a racially […]

  • Howard Stern is Wrong About OJ, Iran and WWIII, Dems Role the Dice with Mueller, Fox News is No Different than CNN

    Howard Stern took to the airwaves asking OJ Simpson be removed from twitter. I disagree with Stern and believe OJ deserves a clean slate for winning the murder trial. Iran has nothing to lose and the US needs to be prepared for all-out war. The ‘Swamp Squad’ is trying to change America, and this will […]

  • Trump is NOT a Racist, Trump Drops the Ball & Omar Strikes Back, Top 3 Fantasy RB’s

    Donald Trump is accused of many things, however, one thing he is not is racist, and I prove that on today’s show. Trump did drop the ball with Ilan Omar by allowing the rally to chant “send her back.” Fantasy Football is around the corner and my top 3 picks at RB for this year are… […]

  • Trump’s Hypocrisy, America Needs a Third Political Party, Bagel Boss Guy in Court

    President Trump claimed Thursday to be unhappy that his rally crowd broke out into chants of “send her back.” However, but for his tweets, no one would be chanting “send her back.” Bad job by the President. America needs more political options and would be much better off with a third dominant political party. Rumor has […]

  • Swamp Squad 101: If You Are White and Disagree, You’re a RACIST!

    The four members of Congress known as the ‘Swamp Squad’ have a message for their fellow Americans. “If you’re white and disagree with us, you’re a racist!” In today’s episode, I cover the hypocrisy that has plagued the Democratic Party that has put all their members on full tilt. This isn’t about Donald Trump. This […]

  • Political Chaos: President Trump vs. The Progressive Left

    The country is in turmoil and the progressive left is trying to turn the country upside down. All this and more on today’s episode! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @thejoecozzoshow

  • Trump Doubles Down Against Democrats, Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls AOC and Omar Communists

    Donald Trump took to Twitter over the weekend and told some members of the Democratic Party to leave the US if they are not happy. Today, he did the same. Also, Senator Lindsey Graham called Rep. AOC and Rep. Omar communists. All this and more on today’s episode! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @thejoecozzoshow

  • Chris Morgan: The Bagel Boss Guy

    Chris Morgan’s life was turned upside down (literally) last week when he went on a ‘short guy’ rant at Bagel Boss on Long Island, NY. He tells his side of the story right here on TJCS! All this and more on today’s episode! Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @thejoecozzoshow

  • Area-51 and UFO Spacecrafts, Bagel Guy’s Furious Viral Rant Freshman Democrats Taking Over, Tucker Carlson Rips Rep Omar. All this and more on today’s episode!

    Former physicist Bob Lazar claims the US has (8) Alien Spacecrafts. Do you believe him? A man at a Long Island bagel store goes into a dating rant and the video goes viral. AOC accuses Nancy Pelosi of being “disrespectful” to several “newly elected women of color.” And Tucker Carlson is taking  heat after he slams […]

  • Obama Embraces Betsy Ross Flag, Democrats Bash Trump’s Speech, Area 51 Spacecraft

    Why was it ok for the Betsy Ross flag to hang in the backdrop of Obama’s inauguration speech bac in 2013? A new Netflix documentary exposes Area 51 and whether the US government has access to alien spacecraft. Trump stays on scripts during his ‘Salute to America’ speech yesterday, as did the Left in criticizing him […]

  • Nike Drops the Ball, Hypocrisy of the Democratic Party, The Need for a New Political Party

    Colin Kaepernick is now calling the shots over at Nike after they agreed to cancel the Betsy Ross edition shoe featuring a flag of the thirteen colonies. The Democratic Party is trying to crucify Donald Trump Jr because of a retweet questioning Kamala Harris’ family origin. However, CNN’s Don Lemon previously questioned it and no one […]

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