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  • TJCS – 10-31-16

    Joe brings on a new guest, ‘TONY the ITALIAN’ who says he has the DATING GAME on lock down and how all the girls he sleeps with love him to death, Tony then gets into it with a regular guest on TJCS, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-28-16

    Joe has Uncle Al in the studio who talks about his trip to Vegas, Joe asks Jean permission to take Crazy Robert with him to Colorado, Ronnie Gunz agrees to go on Tinder on behalf of Dirty Dan, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-27-16

    Joe brings on a new guest, the beautiful ‘Latina Giselle’  – who talks about her struggle in the Bronx and what type of girl she is in bed, Trump is making a comeback in the polls, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-25-16

    Donald Trump insists he will win the Presidential campaign – do you agree, Top-5 songs on iTunes, Crazy Robert, Jean, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-24-16

    Joe brings on entrepreneur ‘BRENDON GREEN’ who is a (secret society member) Freemason, owner of, friends with rapper Rick Ross and Co-star of the History Channel’s show, ‘America Unearthed.’

  • TJCS – 10-21-16

    Joe has new guest ‘LOLA JEAN’ come on the show who talks about her group sex adventures, orgies, dominatrix experiences including strap-ons, her new book that’s set to drop, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-20-16

    Joe brings on two new fans of the show – ‘ADRIANA’ from Las Vegas, who talks about drinking a liquid and having an orgasm, and ‘SEAN’ from Queens, NY, who talks about his past addiction to heroin, and Joe discusses the debate too!

  • TJCS – 10-19-16

    Joe discusses tonight’s ‘Presidential Debate,’ will Trump be presidential, will Clinton finally discuss what really happened in Benghazi, Obama ridicules Trump, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-18-16

    Joe brings on new guest ‘BP – AKA PAYNE TRAIN’ who discusses what it’s like being an addict, anger issues and snuffing people for fun, Gang affiliation on Long Island and then turning it all around into an amazing life.

  • TJCS – 10-17-16

    Has the media is rigging the entire election process against Trump? Is Wikileaks a force to be reckoned with? Crazy Robert talks slavery, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-14-16

    INSIDE THE MIND OF CRAZY ROBERT – a walk on the wild side.. is it genius or madness?

  • TJCS – 10-13-16

    Joe takes some phone calls where guests discuss – Making a fisting video on the internet, Crazy Robert’s new video, Making love to voluptuous women, Seeing people die every day for a living, and more!

  • TJCS – 10-12-16

    Joe has Eddro back in studio talking discussing – Vapor pens, Riding dirty during the day, Do women like kissing men with lumberjack beards, Is Trump’s ‘locker-room’ talk what really goes on in locker rooms, Should homeless people just get a job anywhere, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-11-16

    Joe discusses how bias the media is during the Presidential Election, Do women have their own ‘locker-room talk,’ Is Russia preparing for a nuclear war, The difficulty of telling someone they have a booger in their nose, iTunes top-5 songs right now, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-10-16

    Joe has ‘EDDRO’ in the studio today talking about the Presidential Debate, How Trump is back in business, new guest ‘Marvin Toney’ comes on the show to discuss Netflix’s new show ‘Luke Cage’, some differences in black/white culture, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-07-16

    Joe and Uncle Al chop it up in the studio discussing, How to figure out women, Today’s version of Hip-Hop music, Exotic clubs and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-06-16

    Joe has new guest ‘JQ’ on today’s show, JQ talks about her life as a stand-up comedian in NYC, the freaky TINDER dates that she’s been on, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-05-16

    Joe has a surprise guest – the beautiful ‘LINDSAY’ in the studio, Lindsay talks about what it’s like getting divorced, dating while having kids, what it’s like not to want to make love and what it’s like when your partner says no in return, Ronnie Gunz calls in, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-04-16

    Joe has surprise guest/caller ‘JOHNNY DESTHERS’ come on today’s show, Johnny D is a former Army Ranger in the US military and discusses what it’s like to be deployed overseas, Johnny is also in the NYFD and explains what it’s like saving people in fires, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 10-03-16

    Joe takes some phone calls today, ‘MUGGSY’ calls in and talks about his days as a U.S. Marine and his wild days as a model out in San Diego, Crazy Robert wins some cash, Donald Trump gets slammed for not filing any tax returns and more!

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