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  • The Daily Show – 08-31-16

    Joe has new guest ‘EDDRO’ live in the studio and discusses everything from Hip-Hop music to Tattoos, what drinks to bring to a BBQ, are there Aliens out there, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-30-16

    Joe discusses what guys are really thinking about when they go down on a girl, Do you agree with 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick’s position on the National Anthem, Spike Lee rips Donald Trump, RIP Gene Wilder, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-29-16

    Joe brings on a new guest, the beautiful ‘GIANNA’ who talks about her days living in Miami, hanging with a member of ‘The New Kids on the Block,’ her crazy Vegas experiences, what type of men she likes to date and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-25-16

    Joe compares the highest-earning actors vs actresses, yesterday’s trip to Fire Island, Iranian sea vessels come within 300 yards of a US Destroyer, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-24-16

    Inside the mind of Crazy Robert

  • The Daily Show – 08-23-16

    Joe brings on new guest ‘SEXY JOJO’ who talks about her life as a model, dancer, and actress, The type of man she like making love to, etc., Joe compares two rappers doing a BET Cypher, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-22-16

    Joe discusses whether it may be better to just stay with your partner and not get legally married, the UFC fight – Diaz vs. McGregor, Do you drink more when you go out now because of Uber, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-19-16

    Joe has on new guest ‘PENELOPE’ come on the show where she discusses what it’s like to be a stripper all around the world, what type of man she likes in bed, what it takes to turn her on, Joe’s therapist tells him that he is regressing in his sessions and is acting like a […]

  • The Daily show – 08-18-16

    Joe gives a few shout outs, discusses Joe Budden dissing Drake and Drake’s comeback, the breakdown of yesterday’s show with Racist James vomiting on FB Live, Trump shakes up the campaign – but is it too late, and more!

  • The Daily show – 08-17-16

    Things got completely bananas on today’s show – Racist James loses to Uncle Al in a drinking contest and throws up while on FB Live, Crazy Robert gets totally annihilated and keeps trying to hook up with Stephanie during the show, Ronnie Gunz makes a special live appearance, Cassidy reunites with the girl he spent […]

  • The Daily show – 08-16-16

    Joe discusses Eminem and what the Hip-Hop community thinks of him as an artist, Joe discusses new artist Young M.A. and breaks down her freestyling skills, Trump outlines his plans on how to defeat ISIS, Ronnie Gunz makes a cameo and more!

  • The Daily show – 08-15-16

    Joe discusses his new favorite hip-hop songs, swimming in beach water and being nervous about sharks, drinking so much at parties that you make yourself throw-up, one of the listeners sent dirty pics to his SnapChat story on accident and everyone saw it lol, Big Daddy Cassidy gets Racist James a job and more!

  • The Daily show – 08-12-16

    Joe has new guest ‘Elliot’ come on today’s show to discuss his Tinder and other online dating experiences, how he sets up his profile to get the ladies, how he lets the ladies know what he wants and more!

  • The Daily show – 08-11-16

    Joe holds an “Introduction Drop Contest,’ he also discusses the CJ Wallace (Biggie’s son) freestyle that was performed on the radio, Crazy Robert comes on the show and attempts to win $50 in ‘Name the Tune,’ Is Donald Trump finished – is it really over, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-10-16

    Inside the mind of a single guy hanging with seven hot girls.

  • The Daily Show – 08-09-16

    Joe has the up and coming hip-hop artist ‘TecNickeL’ in the studio with Uncle Al and Big Daddy Cassidy. TecNickeL, who is from North Babylon, NY, discusses what it’s like today to come up in the hip-hop industry, addiction and how it could influence or derail one’s music aspirations, how he’s on the grind promoting […]

  • The Coney Island Coin Toss

    Joe brings on a special a guest to discuss yesterday’s ‘Coney Island Coin Toss,’ Joe also discusses his Saturday night date in Forest Hills, Racist James comes on the show to discuss his video that’s all over FB and his beef with someone, Crazy Robert gets his groove on over the phone with new guest […]

  • The Daily Show – 08-05-16

    Joe has new guest Chris Dandona aka ‘DJ Phink’ on the show along with Ronnie Gunz – both wasted and both trashing Brian Cassidy, Crazy Robert plays ‘Name that 80s Tune’ for $100, Joe discusses how you have to allow people to come into the country.. but there’s a catch, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-04-16

    Joe has a surprise guest back on the show who discusses things from back door love making, to moving in with your boyfriend/girlfriend, Joe discusses what Donald Trump needs to do to get back in the race, how the media is dictating the entire election process, iTunes top-5 songs right now and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-03-16

    Joe discusses how his date went last night, how different a straight guys relationship may be in comparison to a gay guys relationship, Donald Trump is starting to lose his grip on the Presidential Campaign because of the media, Racist James chimes in again and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-02-16

    Joe discusses Warren Buffet’s attack on Donald Trump not wanting to disclose his tax returns, Is Hillary Clinton ‘for or against’ same-sex marriage, Putin & Trump ‘bromance,’ the Zika virus is spreading and more!

  • The Daily Show – 08-01-16

    Joe discusses his vacation to Cali, Racist James comes on the show and is as racist as ever, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, Is Donald Trump in hot water with his confrontation with Muslim Soldier’s parents, and more!

  • The Daily Show – 07-25-16

    Joe bounces on a date when he finds out she’s on Porn Hub

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