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  • The Daily Show – 12-30-15

    Most Popular text message abbreviations, Bill Cosby arrested, Crazy Robert phone call, Fetty Wap is the best and more.

  • The Christmas Special

    Christmas Special: Best Christmas Movies, Top Christmas songs of all time, some news, politics and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-21-15

    Joe tries to deal with crazy tenant, Miss Universe blunder, Trump and Putin buddy up and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-15-15

    The show everyone must start watching – ‘The Affair’, why people have an affair and how they get caught, The Republican debate tonight and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-09-15

    Joe totally embarrasses himself, Bad grammar when texting, New STD has surfaced (yikes!), Donald Trump calls for shutdown of Muslims entering U.S. and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-07-15

    Are you too nice to people – should you start caring more about yourself, Obama and the fight against ISIS, Christmas is coming and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-04-15

    Today’s topics – Role playing with your partner; can you stay in character? Jeb Bush is cooked; Trump rising and more.

  • The Daily Show – 12-01-15

    Today’s topics – Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised for woman, Christmas around the corner and more.

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