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  • The Daily Show – 10-30-15

    Today’s topics – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL

  • The Daily Show – 10-29-15

    Today’s topics – China lifts one-child ban (LOL), FB and its messaging service, Reading used books is no-good and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-28-15

    Today’s topics – Royals beat the Mets in Game 1, China lashes out at the U.S. and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-27-15

    Today’s topics – Technology in 200 years, Processed meat causes cancer, Trump losing to Carson and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-26-15

    Today’s topics – The Walking Dead is on Fire, Do you use Instagram, Name that Movie and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-23-15

    Today’s topics – Does your spouse “TUNE YOU OUT”, Divorce rate is down, TV shows that are being cancelled and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-22-15

    Today’s topics – THE NY METS ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES, Vice President Joe Biden won’t run for President and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-21-15

    Today’s topics – NY METS one game away, Trump disses former President Bush, Who is Canada’s new Prime Minister and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-20-15

    Today’s topics – New STAR WARS trailer, El Chapo back at it, Revenge time for the Cubs and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-19-15

    NEW YORK METS EDITION – The Mets have the best pitching maybe ever and Daniel Murphy is ridiculous.

  • The Daily Show – 10-16-15

    Today’s topics – METS win and take over New York, Possibility of Alien life discovered, Target shoppers in shock and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-15-15

    Today’s topics – Lamar Odom fighting for his life, New exercise pill, Movie/song game and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-14-15

    Today’s topics – Democratic Debate, Taylor Swift shows why she’s the best, Mets lose to the Dodgers and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-13-15

    Today’s topics – Mets win and are becoming King of Queens, Hillary bashing Trump, Playboy Magazine taking away nudity and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-09-15

    Today’s topics – My eBay incident involving FRAUD, Crazy Robert calls into the show, Ben Carson and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-08-15

    Today’s topics – Rupert Murdoch: Ben Carson would be a ‘real black president,’ Donald Trump rising, Justin Bieber disses Ronda Rousey’s sister and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-07-15

    Today’s topics – Yankees lose, Why don’t we have great WiFi everywhere, Fantasy scandal and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-06-15

    Today’s topics – The difficulty of having self control, American Airlines pilot dies during flight, Facebook in the news and more.

  • Episode 21 – A little bit of this and that

    Jenny and Crazy Rob come back to talk about: is there really a heaven, what’s cookin’ on TV, audiobooks over regular reading and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-05-15

    Today’s topics – New device by Amazon is a game changer, Leftovers and Homeland back, A great movie that’s in theaters and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-02-15

    Today’s topics – Umpqua College shooting, Top songs on iTunes, New app that allows you to rate people like Yelp and more.

  • The Daily Show – 10-01-15

    Today’s topics – Tinder adds new option, New Lotto app, What’s Russia’s real intentions and more.

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