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  • The Morning Show – 08-27-15

    Today’s topics – Racism involved in Virgina Shooting? Where is Al Sharpton? scandal and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-25-15

    Today’s topics – Ashley Madison Suicides, Binge watching TV shows, Stock Market circus and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-20-15

    Today’s Topics – Black man shot dead in St. Louis, Subway’s “train wreck”, Governor Cuomo’s Times Square crackdown and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-19-15

    Today’s topics – Get Ready for Female Viagra, The Amazin’ Mets, Can Koko the Ape speak and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-18-15

    Today’s topics – Apple’s Self-Driving cars, A Christmas Blockbuster, Immigration issues and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-17-15

    Today’s topics: Men becoming prego, Major League Baseball’s first openly gay player, Box Office results for the weekend and more.

  • Episode 20 – Webcams and Bedtime Stories

    Pete gets fired from the show, Jenny comes back and talks about her glorious Webcam days, Jimmy Bopp talks about his nighttime toy collection and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-14-15

    Today’s topics: Changing things up, Fear of the Walking Dead, Frisk Search gets Sexual and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-13-15

    Today’s topics: Tribute to N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton, Same Old Jets and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-11-15

    Today’s topics – Racial tensions back in Ferguson, Donald Trump still on top, Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday party and more.

  • Episode 19 – The Lesbian Conversion

    Joe brings in special guest Daniela – who loves being a lesbian and isn’t afraid to tell everyone why.

  • The Morning Show – 08-07-15

    Today’s topics – Who won the Republican Debate, Russia hacks the Pentagon, the Coast Guard’s big drug bust and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-05-15

    Today’s topics: What’s worse – getting caught Cheating or being Cheated on, Kelly Osbourne and her Latino remarks and more.

  • The Morning Show – 08-03-15

    Today’s topics: Is being MARRIED better than being SINGLE, Ben Affleck and the Nanny, Ronda Rousey is a BEAST and more.

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